Description of operation


Our company produces and manufactures high-quality and innovative packaging solutions
for the various needs of the packaging industry.

The company values govern its operations within the company and beyond. The company values are consolidated through its activities and manifested in the company’s products.
The cornerstones of ER-Pakkaus Oy’s values can be divided into four groups:

    • Clients:
      • Client-orientation
      • Commitment
      • Customer satisfaction
    • Cooperation:
      • Commitment
      • Effectiveness
    • Development:
      • Modernisation
    • Environment:
      • Environmental friendliness
      • Recycling
      • Waste recovery

Quality policy
Client-orientation. Our fundamental starting point is commitment to the work we do, satisfying the packaging needs of our clients to ensure that the products they receive are suitable for their packaging requirements.
Environment. With packaging solutions tailored to the client’s needs, we avoid overpackaging and excessive strain on the environment. All materials and accessories we use and transmit to the market can be recycled or burned. In addition, we recover the pure surplus cardboard left over from cardboard production by chopping it into solid recycled fuel that we use to heat our facilities.
Effectiveness. Accountability is a key starting point in our activities. We want to engage in successful business with our clients through open and high-quality cooperation.
Modernisation. We develop our skills and stay alert to react to market changes. We emphasise our employees’ ability to develop their skills and act flexibly in the ever-changing operating environment of our clients.
Quality objectives In addition to manufacturing high-quality end products, we must ensure the quality of our operations to meet our clients’ expectations. In addition to the goals defined in our quality policy, we ensure continuous development by meeting our quality objectives and by constantly considering our products and operations, with a focus on products, values and competition. By acting cost-effectively, we also create the potential to conquer new market niches and to increase existing market shares.

INNOVATIve Services

ER-Pakkaus Oy is a business located in the region Etelä-Pohjanmaa, with decades of experience in the production of cardboard packaging. The main part of the packaging produced and distributed by us is designed for the use in the food industry and in the retail market. We can also record a growing market share in other industrial areas.

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ER-Pakkaus now has the highest D&B international credit rating.

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