TommiRA well-organized production allows inter alia the production of the manufacture of various types of subcontracting.
please contact when searching for some monitored following operations;

    • sheeting
    • press, 4 colour offset
    • die-cutting
    • laminating
    • window pacher
    • gluder
    • folding cartons
    • 6-corner boxies
    • lock-bottom /double wall cartons

additional information; Tommi Rantala

INNOVATIve Services

ER-Pakkaus Oy is a business located in the region Etelä-Pohjanmaa, with decades of experience in the production of cardboard packaging. The main part of the packaging produced and distributed by us is designed for the use in the food industry and in the retail market. We can also record a growing market share in other industrial areas.

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ER-Pakkaus now has the highest D&B international credit rating.

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